Birds of Feather Lesson 1

Do you have that art medium collecting dust in the corner? Or have you used a medium one way and that's it? Hopefully this introduction will get your brain churning. Of course we will expand on the possibilities of these mediums through out the workshop, but even just a glance at what we will be using can help your inspiration fly.

Supply List

Art Journal of Mixed media Paper
All supplies being used in the workshop are Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

Gel Medium
Whipped Spackle
Glass Bead Glitter Gel
Black Chalk paint
Copper Texture Luxe
Texture Gems (clear, gold, pearl)
Watercolor pencils
Gelatos (Using the colors in the Dolce 2 Gift set)
Paper crafter Crayons
PITT Pens Big Brush and Liner pens
Walnut brown, Warm Grey IV, Green Gold, Florescent hand lettering set, black artist pens in S, M, and B sizes
Graphite Aquarelle pencils. (Using these to sketch with) easier to eliminate my lines with my other mediums
PITT Pastels in black and brown
Doodle stencil set
101 stencil set
paint brushes
Blending Stumps
Textured paper towel
Book Paper
Tape for texture/pattern


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