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This week I found one of my most prized possessions as a kid. Starlite!! Rainbow Brite's horse. As artists I believe we look at our surroundings and experiences differently than others around us.We absorb our surroundings in a way that enriches who we are. We witness details that others may only gloss over. Our life experiences mold us in ways that only someone with a creative mind could understand.

I've been reflecting on how I let my life shape who I am as an artist. Have I allowed my life to enrich my artistic talents or have I allowed them to hinder? Have I taken inspiration for granted? Personally, I think i have. I haven't given my inspiration free reign, I've confined it to a box of how I want to mold it. Inspiration doesn't look that way, art doesn't either. We must open ourselves up to what we are presented with and not over think it.

SOOOO I've been working on reflecting on what life presents me. Being a bit less confined in how I create and interpret my inspiration or muse.

This week I found one of my most prized possessions as a kid. Starlite!! Rainbow Brite's horse. My daughter now has her but seeing him made me remember some of the awesome cartoons I use to watch. My childhood memories became my inspiration. I plan to see where those memories take me this week.

Yesterday Rainbow Brite began it all. Her bubbly, colorful attitude was everything to me when I was younger. Her multitude of friends and adventure provided a world that always encouraged a positive outlook on life.

As an artist our inspiration should be welcomed into our own style. When we take inspiration I feel we should put our on spin to it. A fresh interpretation that still shows where your inspiration came from but won't look like you are copying someone's work. Steal like an artist.

Another fab chick from my 80s childhood was of course Jem!!! Her style and mad singing skills were a close second to Madonna back in the day. I loved her funky hair and sick makeup. She fit perfect into my 80's inspired creative challenge. Who wouldn't want to be a music super star as a hologram?

Now I know I just dribbled on about my childhood now I want to chat a bit about supplies that helped inspire and create these happy chicks.

Watercolors, Ink, & Pen are usually on the front lines of my creativity. Mechanical pencils give me the blueprint to every page. I can go light or dark and everywhere in between when sketching in my designs. Erasers come in real handy too!! Believe me! Watercolors in every shape and form fill my heart with joy. From pen form to tube, all of the mediums serve a purpose. More vibrancy, More granulation, less pigmentation. Watercolors are in a world of their own.

When working with watercolors you need a great liner pen. A pen that won't bleed into your watercolor surface but will also glide over your watercolor mediums. The Zig Cocoiro pens give you a variety of options and sizes all while allowing you to customize their case to fit your style and color.

And of course you NEED a good paint brush When working on the go I'll go with a good, pumpable water brush but If I am at my desk or have room to bring my full list of tools, i love using a great watercolor brush. Nothing better than a great paint brush. It males a difference when using your watercolors.

I hope you find a source of inspiration and run with it. Look at your past as well as your present for something to guide your creativity. Don't limit your sources of inspiration. The larger the pool the larger the possibilities.

What has inspired you lately?

Here is a piece of my inspiration for you.

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