Creating...that's what we are made for

I strongly believe we were put here to create. Create love, create art, create relationships, and so on.

This past year some of you may know, that I've worked on creating a new me. I took the year to focus on a huge step i took in my life. December 28th of last year I decided to have gastric bypass surgery. Along with the surgery i took huge steps to change my life. I work out at least 4-5 times a week, my diet now consists largely on cheese lol, and I'm more aware of what I fuel my body with.

I have created a new version of me. I feel stronger, healthier, feeling a bit older with all of the extra skin lol but I feel freer.

Here is a look at my journey so far. The pic on the far right was a week after surgery. and the left is today. I'm 152lbs down from my heaviest. I am lifting weights that weigh more than I do, and Iam so thankful I've been given this opportunity to create a new outlook on my health.

I am thankful for everyone's support and continuous patience during this change in my life. Now that I have a grasp on my new way of living, I'm gearing up to create art full time again. I'll be focusing on art journaling and sculpting this year. My love for watercolors and clay will be driving my creativity, my classes, and my inspiration for others. I'm headed to Creativation next month and will be doing live demos at the show. I'll be sharing them on Facebook as well as Instagram. So make sure to follow me on social media to see what's new at the show.

Onto a new year of creating. Don't let doubt and fear limit your ability to create. We ALL are made to create. Love you all. Hugs and blessings


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