Creativation Day 2

It was another great day the convention. Of course I lacked on taking pictures lol I get so caught up in the moment of what is happening I completely forget until I’m laying in bed, back at the hotel, going... Oh Shoot!! I forgot to take photos. Case in point lol Day two... one photo.

My day started with a round table session. I lead a table about hosting your own online workshops. It was wonderful sharing my experiences with other designers. Giving advice to people who have the same drive and passion. I love meeting new people. I think it is one of my favorite parts of being involved in this industry.

I also had the pleasure of seeing my samples in Ranger Ink’s booth. I‘be playing with their new clay and I have to say...You NEED it! You know that I don’t say that just to say it. I love quality and innovation. This is both and more. I’ll be demoing and taking photos (promise) tomorrow. I will also be doing a couple of live Facebook videos so that you can ask questions while we are designing.

Find me on Facebook under my page Jamie Lynn Dougherty for the live feed. 2pm Arizona time ;)

Until then, have a good night and happy creating.



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