New Beginnings with a New Direction

As an artist I've gone through many changes throughout the years. I think to grow as an artist there has to be some growth and evolution in our work. Our heart and vision change. Our skill and experience shape us into a slightly different version of our previous self. Many things help sculpt that change, life, industry, and even self.

I've come to a place in my artistic life that I feel stagnant. Like a small pond that hasn't been used enough. The waters have stilled and the surface has grown dull. The life inside has grown bored. I've taken the past few months to improve my physical and mental self. I've gone on a journey that has transformed me in more ways in one but my small artistic pond in now moss covered and neglected. It's time where I stir the waters, see what lies underneath. I want my creative waters to be revived, grow, and reflect who I have become.

Soon you will see new posts, a new style, and a new flow to who I am as an artist. I want to go back to what I'm good at. Simplify my esthetic and focus on what enriches who I am. I believe we all need to come to the surface once in awhile to see who we are, where we are, and where we would like to see ourselves go.

Part of the new is a new look to my website.

What Does This Change Mean?

Well, it means you will see a different look from me. My style hasn't changed but my approach to what I do will. A more streamlined, curated look will take over. My focus will magnify down to what I enjoy the most. For now I will not be creating new Online Workshops but my previous classes will continue to be available. I would like to focus on skill, enjoyment in my work, and YOU!

You are probably thinking, you? What does that mean? I want to know what you want out of your artwork? How do you want to stir your creative waters? I want you to grow along with me. Engage with me, and we can clear our creative ponds together. Each blog post, Facebook post, and instagram photo will encourage you to expand who you are creatively.

Sometimes our biggest obstacle is our own self-doubt.

How Can You Follow Along?

Make sure to follow and subscribe to my artistic world. Engage with me. Ask questions.

How would you like to clear your artistic pond? What would you like to see reflecting back at you? Comment below for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

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