My Current Product Obsessions

I like many artists go through favorite supplies. For me my number one go to is always watercolors. In one shape or form but my other supplies come in and out of constant use.

Right now my "go to's" are Dylusions acrylic paints, Therm-o-web 3D foam, Uni-ball white pen, and florescent color palettes.

If you haven't tried Dylusions Acrylic Paints I highly recommend them. They are a smooth medium based acrylic paint that comes in a collection of 30 complimentary colors. Color List HERE

Here is one of my recent art pieces using the beautiful collection of colors.

My next must have, go to supply are the 3D foam by Therm-O-Web. I love being able to build up my artwork .with a medium that holds well and is made with quality. I hoard foam and so I have quite the collection but I've been using it on all of my most recent work. In my art journal, in my fine art pieces, ALL THE THINGS lol

A good white pen can sometimes be hard to come by. Believe me I've tried almost all of them. (If you have a must have white pen, that isn't a paint pen, let me know)

I find that the UniBall white pen glides well over many surfaces. I do a lot of watercolor and mixed media and find that some pens clog easily from the other mediums and i can only get a handful of uses from them. My uni has held on strong.

Now for the last go to right now isn't a product per say but a color palette. I adore florescent colors. I don't know if growing up in the 80's has something to do with it or if it's due to the uplifting vibe it gives. BUT I LUB THEM.

Here is a palette to try. Create something this week based off of the palette and see how young it makes you feel

I would love to see a watercolor palettes in this vibrant neon color collection! Wouldn't you? What colors inspire you? (The Winner of our first blog post will be announced this coming Friday, so there is still time to comment and enter to win)

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